Fitness Tracking

Precor equipment now features Advagym by Sony. Gain easy access to metrics that matter, increase engagement at your facility, and boost your secondary revenue

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Personal trainer

Expand personal training

Advagym provides a digital platform for your training staff to connect with members. Personal trainers can use the app to send messages, assign new programs and comment directly on pregress. It makes it easier to provide coaching, boost motivation and communicate with clients, which boosts your secondary revenue.

Engage your members

Create a tailored cardio experience exercisers will love with a portfolio of popular apps, the partners you demand and the asset management solutions that keep your uptime high and your frustrations low.

Advagym monitor

Information at your fingertips

You will have access to usage and engagement metrics through the Advagym solution. User-friendly graphs and metrics will show statistics on machine usage and system status. Get notified when a machine is unresponsive, allowing you to plan maintenance, optimize product placement and guide future purchase decisions.

Advagym sensors

Connection made simple

The Advagym solution includes durable, low power wireless sensors that are easily installed in mosst existing equipment. No need to replace existing machines - the sensors can be retrofitted.

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