Interactive Cardio

Precor has just released a virtual program that takes immersive exercise to the next level – RunTV is a free update that just became the new standard in workouts that engulf and transport cardio lovers to a new world.

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RunTV from Precor

Channels for everyone

RunTV’s 6 channels offer something for everyone: interactive runs, expert coaching from top names in sports, documentaries and feature films.

RunTV from Precor

Get RunTV for free

RunTV is a free update to all owners of networked PREVA 82 or 62 consoles (Wi-Fi or Ethernet). And new courses and fresh videos are added frequently in automatic updates, to keep members coming back again and again. Contact your Marathon Rep today to get RunTV up and running in your fitness center.

End boring workouts

Aviron’s Tough Series Rower is a comprehensive commercial rowing machine that will put an end to Boring Workouts. Try to out-row Olympians in “Pros vs. Joes”, take a breather with scenic destinations, follow a guided program, and finish off with a game of “Shark Bait”. Aviron Tough Series Rower Brochure

Aviron rower

Explore different ways to workout

Let Aviron automatically adjust your resistance in workout programs designed by personal trainers and athletes, or adjust the resistance using the touchscreen to increase the difficulty of your workout, help you close the gap during races, or extend your lead!

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