Guided Interactive Fitness

Fitness technology mascarading as modern home decor.

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Echelon Reflect

Bring your instructor home

Live and on-demand studio fitness from the comfort and safety of home.
Built-in camera connects you with your choice of personal trainers for live sessions.

Echelon Reflect

Endless training options

Experience a variety of workout methods to mix things up, exercise your body in new ways and match your classes to your mood. Get fit and have fun with our supportive and energizing Echelon community and inspire each other to climb the leader board!

MARS - your digital training solution

Installing a MARS screen in your fitness space brings years of experience to any facility. Gym users will have the best exercises and movements with exciting training tools, any time of the day. Today, people are often more comfortable with a screen than a person to develop their confidence. Even some of the most experienced gym-goers need support to use the latest functional training tools.

Escape MARS screen

Boost experience and safety

Giving touchscreen access to a library of exercise videos and fun pre-loaded workouts to exercisers of any level and demographic, MARS includes video and text instruction on every Escape product. With its intuitive ease of use, it provides gym-goers with the inspiration and guidance to safely and effectively work out, even if there’s no one nearby to help.

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